What our students have to say about us!


“I am so grateful to studio fly because it made me fall in love with exercise again! I love how aerial fitness was not something I could pick up straight away: I had to work at it to see progress.

It offers certain fitness goals not just so I can tick a box, but so I can do a certain move or combo which is great motivation. So proud to be part of the studio family“

Georgia, Languages Teacher


Rachel s 2.jpeg

“Studio Fly has genuinely helped me grow so much as a person in the last year. I have never felt so confident in my life and in part that’s down to the fabulous women who attend the studio! You always worry when going into a dance studio that it’s going to be filled with women who will look down their noses and this is so far from the reality of Studio Fly, they are genuinely some of the most amazing supportive queens you will ever meet! Thanks to the love I’ve received from the women I actually found the confidence to be filmed dancing to a song by myself at the end of a Contemporary Dance class.

All the teachers are lovely and if you’re struggling with a move they will either adapt the move or give you another option! The classes are well structured and you always feel pushed! Thank you Studio Fly for encouraging me to not care what people think, to be proud of my body and to own everything I do! “


“After being a competitive dancer for 13 years and retiring at 17 I felt I lost a little part of my life that gave me confidence, self belief and most importantly a group of people who are nothing but amazing. Then I found the studio & discovered all of that all over again!

It’s a place where you can be completely yourself and receive nothing but love, empowerment & encouragement back! I don’t know who or what I’d be without it now, apart from not as strong and maybe slightly more covered up, but who wants that? I’d recommend the studio to everyone and most importantly anyone!

Cara, lingerie illustrator


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At the age of 36 and 6 months after having my second child I decided to take a break from 2 decades of brutal cardio work outs and try some exercise that is “fun”. I signed up for 3 taster sessions at Studio Fly. The first class I laughed a lot more than I expected but didn’t really get off the ground. The second class I arrived an hour early by mistake and nearly attended an advanced pole choreography class. I fled and thought I would never return. The women doing that class were INCREDIBLE. I had a word with myself and went to the last session and got hooked. I still get scared of falling and so my progression will always be slower than others but that is fine because the feeling I have when I get a move I have been aiming for is such a buzz. Eighteen months on I have lost weight, got stronger than I have even been and my body confidence has soared. I used to be the one who couldn’t get changed in communal changing rooms but today I put on a LEOTARD ?!? and had proper photos taken of me doing super cool hoop moves. What makes this place the best place on earth is the sensational instructors who must all have psychology degrees. They know who to push, who to encourage and who to leave quietly in the corner to observe for a while. They have the patience of a saint. But on top of that is everybody who I have ever attended class with. There is no competition/intimidation. Just a whole lot of love and support no matter what level you are at. Studio Fly Forever!

Melissa, 37

“I have been part of Studio fly for over a year now, I absolutely love it! The classes have taught me strengh, courage and flexibility! I had trained in gymnastics when I was a child and missed having a sport or hobby.

Studiofly classes are part of my weekend and I have fun in every session. I have made friends, been involved in events and been supported by amazing teachers! I have been able to achieve way more than I ever imagined and I am very proud to be a member of this fantastic group! “

Lucy, 24, teacher

Lucy p.jpg

"I joined StudioFly as my New Years' resolution to get fitter and try something that scared me a bit! I've made so much progress with what I can do (still a long way to go!) and am so much stronger but the real change has been to my self-confidence - in no small part due to the fantastic teachers who have supported and pushed me, and the other brilliant members who make the atmosphere so unique."

Becky, 26, publishing manager

"I started pole about 7 years ago and hoop as soon as the studio opened 5 years ago, I found it very challenging and I still do, but over the last couple of years I've noticed the difference in my strength and being able to do things I never used to be able to.

I’ve noticed the difference in my confidence. When I started I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself and would get embarrassed doing things in front of others. That has now changed and I don't feel like that anymore. I now have confidence to perform all by myself at Studio Fly showcases whereas if I was asked to do that a few years back I wouldn't have done that at all. I love that some of the moves are more simple than others, i enjoy linking moves together into a routine.

The Studio is one of my favourite places to be. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and you very quickly feel part of the Studio Fly family. "

Siân Ivory, 25, hairdresser

Sian Ivory.jpg

"Studio Fly is a truly inspiring and amazing community to be a part of. I’ve always struggled with confidence and self belief but  being a member here has allowed me to grow in confidence and find passion and courage I never expected to realise. 

Since the birth of my daughter I’ve battled with confidence and anxiety issues again but since returning to Studio fly, once again it has allowed me the space to be ‘me’. Not only has it got me back in shape physically, it has got me back in shape mentally. It is so much more than a studio to learn amazing skills and get fit. It’s a community of inspiring, encouraging like minded people

Rachael Collier- Thomas : designer and studio flyer!