What we teach

We have a wide variety of classes at Studio Fly to cater for all types of bodies, abilities and personalities. We want you to get the most from being part of our Fly family and any feedback and recommendations are always welcomed.

Strength & power 

Whether you are a Fly Girl or a Fly Boy our classes are designed to bring out the super-human in you. Aerial classes utilise body weight training techniques; you don't have to be strong to start but we will make sure you feel indestructible in no time.

Relax & balance

We know our Fly friends often have busy and stressful lives and we want Studio Fly to be a haven where you can unwind, relax and forget your stresses. We have a range of classes that will help you shake off the daily routine and recharge your batteries.


We are in the business of body confidence here at Studio Fly. All bodies are wonderful and capable of amazing things. Whatever your hang-ups we can help you see past them - you just need a little encouragement to get you there